Social Media Marketing

Paramount provides a Social Media management platform through a partnership with Shoutlet. You can develop and manage content on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more through a combination of in-depth analytics, easy-to-use design functions and simple applications. All of your social media efforts can now be administered from one central location. Our Social Media marketing tools can help your business to connect with your audience, increase brand awareness and evaluate marketing strategies to maximize social media efforts.

Here are some of the key Social Media marketing features:

Integrate Email and Social

Your Paramount email segments will automatically appear in Shoutlet, allowing you to enhance your list segments with valuable data from your social networks.

Facebook Apps

Easily create customized apps for your Facebook page, showcasing email collection, videos, sweepstakes, polls, iframes, and more. You can collect emails through a Facebook app that feeds directly into your Paramount email lists.

Schedule Posts

Schedule content to your Facebook or Twitter profiles with our Shoutlet calendar. You can also review the performance of posts through detailed reports that highlight engagement statistics and community activity.

Everywhere Pages

Build landing pages, sign-up forms, or microsites to host on your website or blog with our simple, user-friendly page builder. We can also work directly with you to create custom Apps and Pages if you need assistance.

Additional Features:

  • Build custom, shareable social web apps
  • Automatic URL Shortening and Tracking
  • Reporting: Easily track and analyze campaign performance with detailed, exportable data
  • Social Media Contests & Sweepstakes for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest
  • Create Polls, Quizzes & Surveys
  • SocialLoop: Seamless integration between email and social activity
  • Social CRM Analytics

Shoutlet is also a Preferred Developer Consultant. What separates a Preferred Developer Consultant (PDC) from most other development firms is the ability to understand social mechanics and technical possibilities on Platform. Facebook PDCs are experienced developers who have built numerous Facebook integrations and offer solutions ranging from contests, polls and campaigns to deeply integrated social experiences.

Contact Paramount if you’d like to see a live Demo or if you’d like information on a discounted Shoutlet account today!