Email Marketing

Whether your business is large or small, looking to implement basic email marketing programs or develop more sophisticated lifecycle messaging campaigns, Paramount can help. Our intuitive, all-inclusive email marketing software platform and support services will ensure your email program is a success. With Paramount, you can quickly and efficiently implement sophisticated, data-driven lifecycle messaging programs for rapid return on investment.

More than 2,200 clients use our flexible cloud-based platform to maximize email marketing performance and reach their greatest potential. Our dedicated account team collaborates with you to ensure rapid onboarding with in-depth assessment and recommendations for lifecycle messaging optimization. Ongoing education and guidance is always available as you grow and expand the reach of your email marketing program.

We also enjoy a sterling reputation with ISPs and SPAM-fighting organizations. This translates into unparalleled email deliverability for our clients.


Email Marketing Solutions

Paramount specializes in helping online retailers create highly targeted email programs that engage customers as their wants, needs, and motivations develop over time. Here are some of our specialties.

List Segmentation

Creating highly targeted messages with Paramount is as easy as "drag and drop." Our email marketing tools will help you create advanced split-test scenarios, identify and track your most loyal subscribers, and use behavioral data to deliver relevant personalized email messaging.


Paramount offers pre-built, turnkey integrations for CRM, ecommerce, personalization and remarketing that require little to no IT resources to implement. Need some customization? You can easily integrate Paramount email marketing solutions with your current systems and data sources via our open source XML APIs.

Email Deliverability Management

Make sure your emails get to the inbox. Paramount offers in-app software tools that you can use on your own and a dedicated Deliverability Management Services team. Our experts monitor delivery metrics, identify issues, engage with ISPs on your behalf, and provide recommendations for improved deliverability. They manage email authentication, inbound messages, and list hygiene, while continuously tracking:

  • Complaint Rates
  • Spamtrap Hits
  • Hard and Soft Bounce Rates
  • Invalids and Open Rates
  • Domain Delivery Reports
  • Blacklists and Block Lists

Lifecycle Messaging

Paramount specializes in making it easy to create multi-stage email campaigns that begin with customer acquisition and evolve through the customer lifecycle to encourage conversion, drive greater purchase frequency, and increase lifetime value.

Email Campaign Automation and Optimization

Manage all of your email marketing programs—promotional, A/B tests, triggered and transactional—in one integrated software platform. Our templates and wizards make it easy to create, implement and optimize your entire email program from welcome to win-back.

Reporting and Analytics

Optimize email marketing program performance and demonstrate success with reporting tools and detailed analytics. Determine what drives engagement and what's getting ignored.


Expand your email acquisition strategies to include email signups from social and mobile. Give your customers opportunities to join your email programs wherever they are, Social Media, Text-to-Join, web forms, and more.

Dynamic Asset Management

Streamline email asset management with flexible tools from Paramount. Our email marketing solutions range from simple reusable dynamic content blocks to scripting for advanced conditional logic.

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Paramount’s Position on Spam

Fighting spam by maintaining pristine sending practices and upholding our strong advocacy of double-opt in processes has been a cornerstone of the Paramount business model since our inception, and this focus has never flagged for us.

As the rise in spam and inbox deliverability issues create greater obstacles for permission email marketers, top brands continue to seek out Paramount. We were the first company to partner with independent delivery auditing firm Pivotal Veracity, and thanks to our hard-earned sending reputation, we’ve earned valuable “capital” with the folks at ISPs who decide whether your permission-based email makes it to its intended destination.

The Paramount Deliverability Management Services (DMS) Team represents and advocates on behalf of Paramount clients in a variety of anti-spam and online privacy organizations, including the Messaging and Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG), the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), TrustE, the Email Experience Council, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Direct Marketer’s Association (DMA).