October 2016 Release

Product Enhancements

Contextual Content (Paid Feature)

Contextual Content allows email marketers to include personalized real-time components within email marketing campaigns for increased subscriber engagement and click-through rates.

Through a simple interface, email marketers can now easily create, edit and include dozens of contextual real-time components (tickers, forms, video, scrolling images,
animation, social media, weather, timers and more) that populate dynamically in email marketing campaigns based on geography, time and click behavior at the time of open. Contact your Account Manager to enable this in your account.

Paramount Extension for Magento

Paramount’s Magento Extension helps marketers with a Magento store use valuable customer information and order history data to create campaigns that drive revenue.

  • Allows internet retailers to easily setup and automate post-purchase campaigns and other commerce related remarketing programs.
  • Improve commerce retargeting utilizing metrics such as average order value, last order total and total revenue.
  • Segment customers by purchase categories, RFM or LTV thresholds.
  • Deliver high-value, targeted marketing campaigns, such as cart abandonment, upsell/cross sell, loyalty/rewards, and win-back programs

Here are some common scenarios where the Paramount Extension for Magento can be valuable:

Transactional Messaging

  • Automate transactional message campaigns (e.g. order & shipping confirmation)
  • Trigger lifecycle campaigns based on order history and/or commerce event business rules (e.g. cart abandonment reminders)


  • Leverage order information to build precise, high-value customer segments based on purchase history.
  • Remarket to recent purchasers with cross- and up-sell campaigns (e.g. next logical product)
  • Segment Magento customers in Paramount based on purchase history (Requires NexGen Commerce Segments)


  • Initiate win-back campaigns for lapsed purchasers with coupons
  • Focus on first-time buyers to grow customer lifetime value or reward VIP buyers with special offers (e.g. welcome series)


  • Abandoned Cart Reminders – Send a message or a series of messages to shoppers who have abandoned a cart in Magento.
  • Drive revenue with follow-up campaigns based on coupon redemption data

Inbox Monitor & Inbox Preview Report Updates

An Inbox Monitor report can be requested via the Transactional Messages user interface along with some general interface improvements.

    What’s New?

    • Extends the ability to request Inbox Monitor reports to the transactional message user interface.
      • Introduces the ability to save sample content with the template, supporting test use cases
      • In support of testing best practices, includes the ability to request reports for random or scheduled times
      • General improvements to the transactional template list UI:
        • Default sorting by Last Modified Date
        • Clearer labeling for sending status of templates
        • Ability to manage Inbox Monitor settings at a glance
    • Updated Inbox Monitor & Preview API argument field to support increased sample template data storage

EMS Template Library Refresh

Paramount’s library of standard email templates is being updated. Many obsolete styles will be replaced with a variety of new contemporary designs, all of which are responsive to benefit your mobile audience. Marketers should find these new templates provide more options to better enable effective campaigns.

    What’s New?

    • 16 brand new, modern responsive templates
    • 67 older templates removed from the library
    • Updated, more consistent naming convention for all templates

    What To Do Next?

    Following the release, you can start using any of the new templates (give them a try and let us know what you think!). For helpful tips regarding the use of these templates, visit the Template Library Overview tutorial. If any of the older-style templates are still working well for your campaigns, they can still be used. Simply duplicate a previously sent message that used the template want to retrieve, update your content and you’re good to go! Or if you can’t find a template, we’ve kept an archive of all of them. Please contact your account representative for assistance.