Email Campaign Not Performing Well? Maybe It’s Time To Refresh

If you’ve been sending out email marketing messages or email newsletters and you’ve noticed a decrease in performance, it might be a good time to consider some changes.

Changing the designs can be a great way to give your email a boost if it isn’t performing well. If the message has run into issues and the design has never changed, ISPs can begin to identify the email based on how it’s constructed. That can increase the odds that it will be blocked or go straight to the junk folder. Changing the design a bit (even if it’s just font sizes, colors and header images) can add something new that might help the overall performance. Of course, you always want to follow best practices when setting up your email: be careful to avoid spam terminology, send it to the appropriate recipients, and follow correct opt-out procedures.

If the email is already performing well or it hasn’t run into delivery issues, sometimes adding a few design changes here or there can still help. While a complete overhaul probably isn’t necessary or recommended for emails that are performing well, adding a few small but noticeable changes can be a great way to spice up the message and re-engage the recipient. For instance, if someone opens the message and notices a new design, it could motivate them to check out the rest of the email when they might otherwise have just skipped it.

A design change when the email is already performing well probably wouldn’t have as big an impact as changing the design on a poorly performing email. If it’s done correctly and best practices are followed, it usually doesn’t hurt to mix things up in the design.

What techniques have you used to reinvigorate your email messages?