October Release: New Features & Product Enhancements

We’re happy to announce the latest system release is packed with exciting platform and feature enhancements in the Paramount eMS. Contextual Content Contextual Content allows email marketers to include personalized real-time components within email marketing campaigns for increased subscriber engagement and click-through rates. Through a simple interface, email marketers can […]

The Value of Social Media for Businesses

Much like a company website, business pages on social networks are an excellent tool for brand positioning and marketing. In fact, there are studies that show that consumers value a brand’s social media presence more than their website. Social networks give businesses a chance to interact with these users, provide valuable product […]

How Small Businesses Can Use Foursquare (and why they should)

Foursquare seems to be one of those social networks that people either love or hate. The idea of check-ins, collecting badges, pursuing Mayorships, and sharing your location may not be for everyone, but the popularity among mobile users seems to be maintaining a steady growth. According to Nielsen’s “Social Media […]