Pinterest Is Now The Third Most Popular U.S. Social Network

PinterestFacebook and Twitter are the two most popular social networks in the U.S., but Pinterest has established itself as the third most popular social network, and its growth doesn’t appear to be slowing anytime soon.

New data from shows that Pinterest was responsible for 1.05% of all referral traffic in February 2012. That means it drives more traffic than  Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter. Additionally, a report from Experian says the social network had 104 million visits in March, 2012. That makes Pinterest the third most-visited social network in the United States. These numbers put them ahead of LinkedIn, Google+, MySpace, YouTube and Tumblr.

Many businesses are still trying to decide if Pinterest is right for them. Much of the content is related to design, arts & crafts, fashion, and home decoration, but it can provide value for pretty much any business. For instance, if you have a portfolio of designs, photos or graphic projects, you could make a Pinterest board and showcase it. If your company hosts events, you could create boards pinning your conference promotional flyers, organizations you partner with, sponsors, or professional speakers. The possibilities are endless.

Pinterest’s concept of curating images isn’t unique. There are other sites like Fancy, Clipboard, Gentlemint and BO.LT that are similar, but Pinterest has proven to be the king of this format.

It’s difficult to see Pinterest going away anytime soon if you consider these huge traffic numbers and the growing popularity. Do you use Pinterest for your business?