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We specialize in helping online retailers create highly targeted email programs that engage customers as their wants, needs, and motivations develop over time.

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Emarketing Solutions

Sophisticated technology and proven tech savvy to help you increase email acquisition and drive subscriber engagement, building customer loyalty through detailed marketing strategies.

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Consulting & Design

Take your emails to the next level with our strategic consulting and design services. Learn how our creative services can strengthen your email marketing efforts.

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Paramount Communication Group

Solutions to successfully drive your business into the future of eMarketing

  • People have asked me many times what is the key to my success at list building. Using Paramount as my delivery system has allowed me and my clients to send out over 130,000,000 paid emails during the election season (labor day - election day). Their customer service is without peer. They are a major part of my success.

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  • Paramount's Custom Design team has been very helpful for our electronic communications. Specifically, they did a great job designing a template in HTML for our e-mails. The template was outstanding! The team at Paramount is easy to work with, whether you are HTML savvy or computer illiterate. Their commitment to customer service is also outstanding - they are always accessible and responsive.

    Client Testimonial
  • My company has used Paramount for over 4 years. We have a great relationship and have utilized their email tools and their social media tools. I have not used a better email platform to date and have not had a better email partner. If you decide to use Paramount please realize that you are not only gaining access to great tools you are also embarking on a great partnership.

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Why Paramount?

Since 2005, we have helped publishers, associations, and non-profit organizations use email, social media, and digital strategies to reach constituents in an effective, affordable manner.

We provide solutions to successfully drive your business into the future of eMarketing.

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