Fax and SMS Services

Deliver IP Fax Broadcasts to Thousands Via the Web

Quickly deliver high-volume, business-critical documents, such as rate sheets, product and press announcements and research data, to thousands of fax addresses within minutes—anywhere in the world—using a standard Web browser.

  • Superior document quality. Digital conversion to fax format automatically ensures a high-quality fax document.
  • File support. Paramount supports documents created with standard office applications as well as a variety of additional formats. You can even send fax broadcasts that combine different document types in a single broadcast.
  • Cost-effective delivery. Paramount provides economical IP fax delivery to any destination in the world. Schedule broadcasts for cost savings during off-peak delivery times.
  • Personalization. Target your message by personalizing each fax with database-derived information, including user name, title, company, and more.
  • Custom letterhead support. Reinforce your corporate brand by adding custom letterhead overlays to each fax page delivered.
  • Fax preview. Ensure the accuracy of your broadcast by previewing converted fax documents on line prior to delivery.

List Management

Manage your email and fax broadcast lists from within Paramount. Upload CSV (comma-separated value) files created from virtually any spreadsheet or database application, or build your own lists within Paramount.


  • Advanced list management. Paramount supports more than 30,000 lists per account and provides a robust search option tool that allows list searches on a variety of options. View, update, delete and download existing lists for easy maintenance.
  • Support for mixed lists. Paramount also supports “mixed lists”—lists that contain both email addresses and fax numbers—and will broadcast to either or both types of addresses simultaneously, saving you time and improving efficiency.

Document Management

Manage your documents and letterheads from the Web. Upload documents for broadcast or for storage on Paramount’s Fax On Demand system. Easily view, download and remove existing documents.

Account Management

Manage broadcast access within your organization, update account information and track activity across your enterprise. Paramount’s interdepartmental reporting capability automatically tracks usage and categorizes and summarizes broadcasts by user.

View, update and manage user information, including passwords; email and fax broadcast settings, such as duplicate filtering, fax header information; and broadcast report settings.

Text-to-Join Mobile Sign-Ups

Using Paramount’s Text-to-Join feature to grow your email list can help produce higher open and click rates.

Instant Signups = Instant Gratification

If you’re a brand that offers an in-venue experience for your customers, you will benefit from Paramount’s Text-to-Join program. The Paramount Text-to-Join program utilizes real-time data, giving you the ability to build your email list by tapping into consumers’ need for instant gratification when they’re on the go.

Acquire New Email Addresses Instantly

Don’t make people wait to return home and turn on their computers to sign up for your email marketing program. Give them the means to do so while they are still in the moment – at your store, restaurant, hotel, or concert. Research shows that consumers are using their mobile devices more than ever – even while in brick and mortar locations.

How it Works

Customers easily sign up for email marketing programs simply by texting their email address to a short code. The automated sign up process seamlessly adds customers to the email database. Segment your text signups and target new subscribers with a mobile-friendly, customized welcome email. The welcome email is immediately triggered and can include coupons, notification of special in-store events, etc.