Company Overview

Paramount began operations in 2005, helping publishers, associations, and non-profit organizations use email and social media to reach out to constituents in an effective, affordable manner. The foundation of our company has always been protecting the integrity of our clients’ brands by upholding the highest ethics when it comes to respectful email marketing practices. Everyday our clients interact with a very well-received user interface and we continue to serve most of the same clients we first started working with back in 2005.

As the email marketing industry grew, emphasis shifted from a “batch and blast” mentality toward increasing relevance through targeting and segmentation. The proprietary database we access through our relationship with Digital River (NASDAQ:DRIV) gives us a real competitive advantage by allowing virtually unlimited segmentation capabilities. As marketers learned more about the possibilities Paramount’s unique database configuration offered them straight out of the box, we began attracting large retail clients who were eager to tap into our strategic knowledge and put the Digital River tools to work in cutting edge ways. The fact that we have always had a gifted creative team in house, with highly specialized online knowledge, has rounded out our offerings and kept processes streamlined and cost-effective for clients. It’s exactly this blend of technology expertise and industry smarts that has helped us earn our reputation as the company that provides “the knowledge behind the technology.”

Our technology backbone is Digital River which started back in 1994 and set out on a mission to become a leading provider of global e-commerce services. Today, Digital River is living its mission. The company is currently headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with offices and more than 1000 employees located across the United States, Europe and the Asia Pacific.

We give our best to our clients and each other, fostering employee empowerment and creating a culture of accountability.

Why Paramount?

Paramount offers several significant competitive advantages when selecting an Email Service Provider to trust with your brand, customer data, and email marketing dollars:

  • Our availability, reliability, and scalability are unequaled; a rapid release cycle facilitates continual enhancement of features and functionality according to your needs.
  • Because of the ethical sending practices that have been a key differentiator as well as a cornerstone of Paramount’s success, Paramount enjoys a sterling reputation with ISPs and spam-fighting organizations. This translates into unparalleled email deliverability for our clients.
  • With Digital River as our technology backbone provider Paramount has been able to offer IT advantages that include globally-positioned SOX and ISO compliant data center pods and triple-redundancy security for continuous uptime.
  • We offer 24-hour technical support and around-the-clock live monitoring for your email marketing campaigns.
  • Paramount’s proprietary database configuration allows for virtually unlimited segmentation capabilities, to improve your ability to target your messaging.
  • Our company is built on smart, measured growth and long-term partnerships with clients.

Interactive Agencies

In addition to technology partnerships, Paramount works closely with the best interactive agencies in the business. Our agency partners resell the Paramount eMarketing Suite because it gives them a powerful competitive advantage-the ability to add value and expand their service offerings using the industry’s leading functionality. They choose Paramount because we offer more possibilities for their clients’ success.

So whether you’re looking for a local connection or an international one, a leader in your industry or an agency willing to fill a unique trade niche, contact us to learn more.