Reporting Engine

With Paramount’s Reporting Engine, you will be able to extract an unprecedented amount of data from your email marketing efforts. You will be able to segment your lists and subscribers into a multitude of areas as well as identify important measurements that can help you create focused and finely targeted messaging campaigns.

New List Segments

Drill into your list data to identify users by zip codes, timezones, geo-targeting, operating system, and even congressional district data. These new segments can open up your list to finely targeted emails that are relevant and focused.

Ad Campaigns

Add third party advertisements to your emails that can be controlled through impression limits. The third party advertisement is embedded as an image that can revert to a default image once the impression limit is hit.

Custom Reports

Send and receive automated custom reports related to sent message performance. These can be delivered on any date or time to specific email addresses, making the analytics process quick and easy.

Preference Pages

Manage and create custom preference pages for your email recipients. These pages can influence subscribers to join other mailing segments (newsletters, promotions, fundraising, etc.) and provide cross promotion opportunities. You can also create an option that allows subscribers to “opt down” by offering frequency settings to receive mailings daily, weekly, or monthly.

Email Click Activity

Looking to identify where recipients click the most throughout your message? You can generate aggregate reports on click activity that display an overlay of activity hotspots in your email.

If you would like further information on any of these features, contact us today to learn more about Paramount’s Reporting Engine.